Mission Film Works is a charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) that produces documentaries highlighting both heartbreaking and uplifting stories in our local and global communities. Our Vision is to provide a voice for the silenced, be a champion for the powerless, and shine a light on the forgotten through film, photography, and media with the goal to bring compelling issues out of the shadows. Our organization is made up of dedicated individuals and a Board of Directors that help to govern the projects and messages that we share.

Our new passion project is to give a true and accurate view into the refugee crisis occurring in Europe. Could this be the great human tragedy of our century, as hundreds of thousands of people are being forced from their homes, jobs and families. Our film crew will talk with refugees, exploring this crisis to get a full, unbiased view of an apparent human tragedy. Our crew consists of two videographers, an editor, an executive producer and two associate producers are all volunteering their time to capture this heartbreaking story, but need help with the funding to produce this film.

Please become part of our crew by donating to our cause. Our goal is to make a documentary that can be shown on the news, PBS, and/or within film festivals. All donors:

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