Learning To Smile

Badibanga Badibanga Yusef was injured when he was six in a game of hide–n–seek in a Congolese power station. Badibanga touched a piece of equipment, and was electrocuted. His playmate was killed.

Badibanga suffered devastating burns that stole his ability to speak and eat properly, severely disfigured his face and neck, and destroyed his right arm.

He was taunted and called a ‘monster’ by his classmates, and grew ashamed to leave his house. He could barely eat because he was unable to close his mouth. Doctors said he probably would not survive.

But this child with incredible courage wanted to live, go to school, and play with his friends.

With the help of a medical team and volunteers in Boston, The Shriners Hospital for Children in Boston donated medical care that will save his life. A partnership between Boston Catholic Charities and Myers Park Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, along with Boston’s Church of the Covenant is helping Badibanga with a new life.

Mission Film Works is documenting Badibanga’s journey, from the Congo to Boston; from devastation to healing. He has undergone the first and most extensive surgery already, with more to follow.